We partnered with our friends at Heyday Canning Co. to bring you the ultimate cozy fall dish. With Daybreak's Yuzu 7-Spice Blend and Heyday's Kimchi Sesame Navy Beans, this dish is simple and hearty. 

Make sure to check out Heyday Canning Co. and their incredible selection of pantry bean essentials!


2 cups brussels sprouts, cleaned and halved lengthwise
4-6 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped 
½ teaspoon Yuzu 7-Spice Blend 
1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
½ teaspoon garlic powder
½ teaspoon onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Assembling the bowl

1 can Heyday’s Kimchi Sesame Navy Beans, warmed
1 heaping cup cooked rice
Cucumbers, avocado, sliced cabbage, and fresh herbs for topping

Preheat the oven to 400˚F. Place brussel sprouts (or veggies of choice) on a lined baking sheet. Coat veggies in teriyaki, oil, spices and spread out on the baking sheet. Roast for 25-30 minutes, or until veggies are cooked through to your liking. 

While veggies are roasting, warm the beans in a medium pan. Once hot, cover until ready to use.

Once veggies are done, assemble your bowl, pouring the Kimchi Sesame Beans on top of the rice. Add more teriyaki sauce and a healthy sprinkle of 7-Spice Yuzu blend, and enjoy!