We’re Avery and Catherine: a two-woman team bringing seaweed into the everyday kitchen. We partner with regenerative ocean farmers producing the highest quality, sustainably-grown seaweed in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, and turn that seaweed into nutrient-dense, delicious, and nourishing kitchen staples. We’re committed to growing wellbeing for our customers and our community while using our business as a positive force in the grassroots movement for food system transformation. 

Our Why

We believe the best things come from nature, that the answers to many of the world’s challenges exist in natural systems, and that a more beautiful, simple way of doing things is possible. We know the beauty of living by the cycles of the tides, the moon, and the seasons. We know early mornings spent in the surf, harvesting seaweed as the sun breaks over the fog-covered hills onto an ocean glowing in the morning’s first light. Daybreak Seaweed grew out of this salty and vitalizing beauty, out of the ocean’s rhythms, and our desire to produce food in relationship with them.

As climate change continues to threaten the future of this planet and all the species who share it, we’re hopeful about the ways that sustainable food production can support a better way forward. We believe seaweed is a resilient piece in the mosaic of regeneratively grown food. Grown in the ocean, it’s remarkably curative—absorbing carbon and nitrogen, providing habitat for marine life, and offering high nutrient density food for us. And it’s delicious.

We want to nurture a resilient, equitable future that honors natural systems and provides nourishing food for a changing world. We hope that Daybreak Seaweed offers a sense of meaningful connection to the ocean it comes from, and a reminder of our relationship to all life on the planet. We find joy and delight in that, and we hope you do too. 

We support food-focused climate solutions and partner with regenerative ocean farmers who are working towards them. We believe collaboration and interdependence are core to the healthy, vital future we’re working towards. And in the process of discerning how best to support good change, we’re also driven to create a new business model - one that prioritizes wellbeing for our customers, our partners, and ourselves. We want to live joyful, sustainable, and meaningful lives, and to shift the power in our food system into the hands of whom it serves. We’re honored to be a peer in a resilient network of decentralized, small food producers and advocates.