Who we are

We're Daybreak Seaweed - a 100% women-owned company on a mission to bring seaweed into the everyday kitchen! We partner with regenerative ocean farmers producing the highest quality, sustainably-grown seaweed in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean and create nutrient-dense, delicious, and nourishing kitchen staples.

We started Daybreak Seaweed with the goal of giving nutrient-rich and umami-packed seaweed a place at the table. We’re driven to create food products that nourish people’s lives, offer a sustainable and regenerative alternative to industrial food production, and most importantly - taste great! Daybreak is West Coast grown and driven by the ocean, just like our ingredients.

It's all about sustainability

We started Daybreak Seaweed because we believe seaweed is one of the most sustainable foods on the planet. Environmentalists at heart, we know seaweed farming is a solution to the current challenges of producing food in the face of climate change.

why do we care?

We’ve spent the last 10+ years working in sustainable agriculture, agroecology, and food production. In our free time, we were testing recipes, gardening at home, and cooking for others. Through it all, we’ve become dedicated to creating a world with truly sustainable and regenerative food systems. It’s possible, y'all! Our vision includes regenerative farms that produce food in line with natural principles, pulling carbon from the atmosphere, and providing a whole lotta ecosystem services in the process! 


Catherine was working on vegetable farms and at small artisanal food and wellness businesses in Northern California when she started learning more about local, wild seaweeds. In a food scene so dominated by the concept of LOCAL, here was an abundant source of local sea vegetables that were mainly being ignored by the culinary scene. Learning more about the nutrition, flavor, and ecology of West Coast seaweed, Catherine got hooked on this nourishing food source. But she wondered, was anyone farming seaweed on the West Coast like they were in New England and around the world?

Meanwhile, Avery was finishing up a school program in International Sustainable Development focusing on agroecology and sustainable food systems. Her travels brought her to East Africa, where seaweed farming is a women-led industry that produces algae for food processing inputs. Were there any farms following a more integrated, agroecological model, she wondered? And what about edible seaweeds?

Fast forward a few years, and we started Daybreak Seaweed to support West Coast seaweed farmers. Obsessed with the culinary potential and nutritional value of seaweed, we created our line of pantry items: seaweed seasonings and whole leaf seaweeds, to bring West Coast seaweed into the everyday kitchen.

Since then, we’ve grown to support a network of West Coast farmers, offering upfront harvest commitments and prices above the national average. We process all of our seaweed in house, and have created a line of easy-to-use seaweed products for the everyday kitchen.