We partner with small-scale farmers up and down the west coast who are growing seaweed in a regenerative way.

Seagrove Kelp

The crew at Seagrove Kelp is led by Markos Scheer and supported by a rad team of women, including Tiff Stephens, PhD Chief Scientist and Melyssa Nagamine, Operations Manager. Located in Doyle Bay, Seagrove Kelp harvests Alaria marginata (West Coast Wakame or Ribbon Kelp) for us. We like how sustainable their operations are, how focused they are on partnering with other small businesses, and of course, the excellent quality of their pristine kelp.

Alaska Shellfish Farms

We work with Weatherly (pictured above!) & Greg Bates at Alaska Shellfish Farms to source other types of kelp that grow on their shellfish farm. Alaska Shellfish Farms grows oysters, mussels and kelp in the remote waters of Halibut Cove, Alaska, where they are surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. Sea otters, Orca and humpback whales frequent the farm along with a large diversity of marine life.

We love Weatherly + her family's operation and commitment to fresh, pristine food straight from the ocean.