The Seaweed Cookbook

umami-packed. delicious.

A Sea of Flavor

Over and over again, we fall in love with seaweed's culinary potential. From the depth it brings to broth and soup, to the savory burst of flavor on avocado toast, to the umami richness of seaweed flakes on a crispy fried egg, seaweed is endlessly versatile and inspiring. You'll find that it lends a savory balance to rich and sweet foods, a punch of seasoning to mild flavors, and a briny backbone to just about anything. Use it anywhere you use salt and taste the difference.

nutrient-packed. healthy.

A Nourishing Green

We cringe to call it a "superfood", overused as that word is, but the truth is... seaweed is rich! In nutrients, fiber, and protein. Every sprinkle of seaweed flakes is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Seaweeds contain omega-3 fatty acids and compounds like fucoidan, which has been shown to have anti-oxidative and anti-tumor properties.

regenerative. restorative.

A Salty Climate Solution

Ecologically speaking, seaweed is a regenerative and healing "plant." The ocean absorbs 40% of the carbon we release into the atmosphere, which acidifies the water and prevents shellfish and corals from growing their shells and skeletons. Absorbing the carbon into seaweed can offset that damage, without the environmental pitfalls of industrialized farming.