About Seaweed Flakes

Cooking with seaweed flakes is a versatile, easy way to add some nutrient-rich sea vegetables to any dish. Seaweed flakes can be sprinkled on most dishes in place of salt, baked into bread dough, incorporated into salads, and used in desserts like flaky sea salt. Our seaweed flakes are made with Alaska Wakame, a type of kelp that has a mild, salty, savory flavor. We source our Alaska Wakame from regenerative ocean farms in southeast Alaska, where seaweed is grown super-sustainably in Pristine Pacific waters.

A few favorite ideas:

+ Add some umami to avocado toast or tomato toast
+ Sprinkle into focaccia or sourdough bread dough
+ Sprinkle on popcorn with nutritional yeast
+ Bake into chocolate chip cookies or brownies - heightens the chocolate flavor!
+ Sprinkle on eggs, rice bowls, or salad in place of salt

Why Use Seaweed?

Seaweed has been eaten around the world for centuries, renowned for its high mineral content and pleasing savory flavor. While each species has a unique nutritional profile, most seaweeds contain iodine, minerals, and certain vitamins. Seaweeds also impart an amazing savory flavor or umami to most dishes, helping to elevate the accompanying flavors of your cooking. Seaweed makes sweet flavors heightened, and savory flavors stronger. Seaweed flakes are great for people looking to reduce their sodium, because they contain alternative mineral salts, like potassium and magnesium, imparting a salty, savory flavor without excess sodium.

Seaweed is also one of the most sustainable foods you can eat, for any climatarians out there. Needing just sunlight and saltwater to grow, seaweed is a low-impact food that doesn’t require extra resources like feed, fertilizer or arable land. It absorbs carbon as it grows, helping to reduce ocean acidification (caused by oceans absorbing excess carbon from the atmosphere) in that local area. So stock up on seaweed for a sustainable, regenerative food!

A few easy recipes to get you started:

Wakame Potato Salad

Potato salad is obviously a beloved classic. Next time you make it, try adding some Seaweed Flakes or a good amount of Seaweed Salt. We guarantee this is not your typical potato salad, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Seaweed Compound Butter

Compound butter is one of the best ways to incorporate seaweed flakes into your diet because everyone loves butter. Making infused butter at home lets you decide how much seaweed you want to add according to your own taste. This recipe is a fantastic and easy place to start your seaweed journey. Add your favorite spices to the mix, sweeten it up with honey, or make it hot with some of our Spicy Seaweed Flakes and smoky paprika. You could also add an extra wow factor to your next oyster night with this recipe for Grilled Oysters with Seaweed Butter. Basically, we want you to add this butter to anything and everything.

Daybreak Dinner Rolls

How can you NOT love a fluffy, buttery dinner roll? This is such a staple in our kitchens, that we’ve lovingly called them Daybreak Dinner Rolls. Our friend, Kourtney Paranteau, killed it with this recipe and really demonstrated just how simple it is to add Seaweed Flakes and Seaweed Salt to your everyday recipes.


Buratta with Seaweed Flakes and Heirloom Tomatoes

By far the least time consuming, this recipe is a testament to the remarkable versatility of seaweed flakes. Plus, we always love an excuse to treat ourselves to a little tub of creamy burrata and a juicy heirloom tomato or two. Cover the plate with our Spicy or regular Seaweed Flakes, olive oil, and some flakey Maldon salt. Then garnish with fresh basil, some fresh cracked pepper and place on your table with a loaf of crusty bread to keep your friends busy as you make those last minute adjustments to your dinner. Even if you are a little behind, this dish is sure to distract everyone at the table. 


Flourless Brownies with Seaweed and Tahini

Seaweed can also be used in desserts! Add an umami twist to a classic desert like brownies or cake with seaweed. These gluten free brownies combine tahini, seaweed and chocolate like they were meant to always be together. It’s a deliciously dense treat that is a great way to wrap up a dinner party, or to take with you to a late summer BBQ.

Tapenade from the Sea

In our opinion, tapenade is deeply underrated and overlooked. We love any recipe that can be whipped up in minutes, then stored in the fridge for later. One surprising #seaweedfact we discovered while making this, is that seaweed flakes make the perfect substitute for briny, classic capers. This tapenade is a true flavor bomb, and may even get you feeling a little emotinal once you taste it. We love it with toasted bread, rustic crackers, or slathered on sandwiches.