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umami-packed. delicious.

A Sea of Flavor

Over and over again, we fall in love with seaweed's culinary potential. From the depth it brings to broth and soup, to the savory burst of flavor on avocado toast, to the umami richness of seaweed flakes on a crispy fried egg, seaweed is endlessly versatile and inspiring. You'll find that it lends a savory balance to rich and sweet foods, a punch of seasoning to mild flavors, and a briny backbone to just about anything. Use it anywhere you use salt and taste the difference.

nutrient-packed. healthy.

A Nourishing Green

We cringe to call it a "superfood", overused as that word is, but the truth is... seaweed is rich! In nutrients, fiber, and protein. Every sprinkle of seaweed flakes is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Seaweeds contain omega-3 fatty acids and compounds like fucoidan, which has been shown to have anti-oxidative and anti-tumor properties.

regenerative. restorative.

A Salty Climate Solution

Ecologically speaking, seaweed is a regenerative and healing "plant." The ocean absorbs 40% of the carbon we release into the atmosphere, which acidifies the water and prevents shellfish and corals from growing their shells and skeletons. Absorbing the carbon into seaweed can offset that damage, without the environmental pitfalls of industrialized farming.

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Roberta R.
United States United States

Best Togarishi

I eat this morning on avocado toast with egg. It has so much flavor. I’ve never used up a seasoning so quickly.

United States United States


I love it! It’s delicious. I use it on eggs and avocado toast and many jt they things

Laura S.
United States United States

I love the Yuzu Blen!

Most excellent!!

Kelly K.
United States United States

Yuzu Spice or Bust

I would just like to say that the Yuzu 7 Spice blend changed cooking for me. I am allergic to garlic (and a myriad of other spices) so my existence has been fairly bland, consisting mostly of salt and pepper. So many mixed spice offerings available for purchase usually contain garlic, as it's such a staple in cooking. I was overjoyed to find this little garlic free number because it gives such an interesting flavor with little effort. I am not even joking, I eat it straight out of the jar...it wakes the taste buds up! The jar says its great on veggies, but I put it on everything... chicken, salad, rice, really anything that needs a little pizzazz. 10/10 can't live without.

Christie M.
United States United States

Adding flavors easily

I love these spices. I use less "salt" on my foods when I use the Seaweed Salt and like the taste better. I find that I don't change recipes I just add the 7 Spice and Everyday Spices to existing recipes and they are enhanced.